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RX40PC6H High speed input module
MITSUBISHI RX40PC6H Manual And Instructions
RX40PC6H datasheetPDF datasheet

MITSUBISHI RX40PC6H Product information and technical parameters:
Name: High speed input module
Model: RX40PC6H
Input points: 16 points.
Rated input voltage and frequency: DC24V.
Rated input current: 6.0mA.
Response time: 5 S ~ 70ms.
Common way: 8 point / public end (positive public end).
Interrupt function: have.
External wiring connection mode: 18 point screw terminal.
The input module is the most used module in the control system.
According to the input voltage, the input points of different, choose the most suitable user needs of the module.
1 modules are equipped with a variety of functions.
Can be through a single input module to 1 points for the unit to set the high speed response, interrupt input function.
In addition, the public end of the module can be freely selected as the common end of the positive pole and the negative pole.
It is not necessary to use different modules according to the input specifications and functions, and reduce the number of modules,
Therefore slot occupied quantity can be reduced by 20% than in the past, the deployment cost can be reduced by 60% compared with the previous.

Operation control mode: stored procedure repeated operation.
Input / output points: 4096 points.
Program capacity: 1200K.
As the core of the programmable controller control system, programmable controller CPU module has been equipped with a variety of functions,
Support multiple controls. Program capacity from the 40K step to the 1200K step, to select the most suitable system size of the CPU module RX40PC6H RX40PC6H
And the CPU module can be directly connected to the industrial network, which can reduce the construction cost of the system.
Soft element / label area for easy processing
The extended SRAM card is installed on the programmable controller CPU module,
Soft element / label storage area with up to 5786K words RX40PC6H.
The expansion area is connected to the memory of the built-in CPU module,
The range of soft components / labels can be freely distributed.
Therefore, it can be easily programmed without taking into account the boundaries of each storage area.
In addition, can also use the SD memory card processing records data, database data, such as large capacity data. "Differential driver output RX40PC6H.
Axis of control: 4.
Control unit: mm, inch, degree, pulse.
Location data: 600 data / axis.
Module backup function: the positioning data, module start data saved to the flash ROM (no battery).
Boot time (operation cycle 0.444ms, 1 axes): 0.3ms.
Maximum output pulse: 5000000 pulse/s.
The maximum distance between servo system: 10m.
External wiring connection: 40 pin connector two.
Linear interpolation: 2 axes.
Arc interpolation: 2 axes.
Spiral line interpolation
For large hole drilling, X, Y, Z axis should be considered.
Need to be through the milling process, along the XY axis of the circular arc shaped drill open the required specifications of the hole.
And the deviation of the cutting position is controlled at the minimum, and the shaft is carefully processed along the Z axis.
Without special NC control system for such control, X, Y, Z axis between the interpolation control is easy to produce error,
High precision positioning control.
The use of the positioning module of the spiral line interpolation function, that is, to achieve low cost control of high difficulty.
Easy positioning control
The positioning module uses the position control and speed control, which is set by the engineering software.
In the position control and speed control is also equipped with an increase in the "conditional judgment" after the implementation of the specified positioning data and other advanced positioning control functions.
For example, in the automobile door sealing process, the need to carry out high precision positioning control,
In order to applying sealant on the sealing part of the door.
Therefore, it is necessary to track the precise trajectory through the straight line and the arc, and implement the high precision interpolation control.
Multiple start mode
In addition to the conventional positioning module startup, there are high-speed start, multi axis at the same time, such as the start of a variety of ways to start.
High speed start by analyzing the location data to be executed in addvance,
High speed startup mode without data analysis time RX40PC6H.
Multi axis simultaneous start up mode for starting output pulse at the same time that the object shaft is started simultaneously with the start of the shaft.
In addition, the modulle can be started to run according to a plurality of positioning data groups in turn at startup RX40PC6H.
Can be used for repetitive control of the same locus. "

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