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FR-A8ND Frequency converter communication accessories
MITSUBISHI FR-A8ND Manual And Instructions
FR-A8ND datasheetPDF datasheet
FR-A8ND communication functionInstruction manual

MITSUBISHI FR-A8ND Product information and technical parameters:
Name: Frequency converter communication accessories
Model: FR-A8ND

Power: 1.5kw.
Purpose: to suppress the power harmonics.
Improve the power factor, reduce the input side of the high harmonic current.
Make sure that this option is installed in the FR-A820-03800 (75K) and FR-A840-02160 (75K) and above capacity and above capacity.
At the same time the installation options in the use of 75kW and above motor FR-A8ND. (the IP55 series has a built-in DC reactor.)
According to the motor power used to select the DC reactor FR-A8ND
(when the inverter capacity is greater than the motor capacity, is still based on the motor capacity to choose.) Power: 1.5kw.
Voltage: 200V.
Purpose: high frequency braking resistor.
The braking ability provided by the braking capacity is larger than that provided by the external braking resistor FR-A8ND.
Can also be connected without built-in brake transistor inverter.
Three types of discharge resistors are available.
Please select according to the required braking torque. Power: 5.5kw.
Purpose: high frequency braking resistor.
The use rate of the built-in regenerative brake of the transducer can be promoted.
When using the FR-ABR type brake resistor, the short circuit piece between the terminal PR-PX is removed FR-A8ND. Does not remove the short circuit chip will lead to overheating of the brake resistor.
The utilization rate of the regenerative braking should be less than the allowable brake use rate in the above table.
With the operating frequency of the brake resistor to reach 300 degrees C or higher, it is necessary to take protective measures and cooling.
MYS type resistor can be used. But please pay attention to the allowable brake use rate.
Do not remove the terminal P/+ and P1 between the short circuit chip, in addition to connecting the DC reactor.
The installation of thermal relay, to avoid overheating and burn the braking resistor. MITSUBISHI inverter FR-A740 series.
Voltage level: 3 phase 400V.
Frequency converter capacity: 220KW.
Frequency converter is the application of frequency conversion technology and micro electronics technology, by changing the motor operating power frequency mode to control the AC motor power control equipment.
The converter is composed of rectifier (AC), filter, inverter (DC), braking unit, driving unit, micro processing unit oof the detection unit FR-A8ND.
Inverter by the internal IGBT to adjust the output power supply voltage and frequency,
According to the actual needs of the motor to provide the required power supply voltage, and then achieve the purpose of energy savving, speed control, in addition to the,
Inverter has a lot of protection functions, such as over current, over voltage, overload protection and so on FR-A8ND.

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