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MITSUBISHI analog Input/output Module A1S63ADA User's Manual [Download]
analog input module. This is a high density of 8 channel A/D components, Can receive voltage and cur
MITSUBISHI analog Input/output Module A1S66ADA User's Manual [Download]
output points: 12 points. Output voltage and current: DC24V/AC240V, 2A/1 point, 5A/1 common end. Res
MITSUBISHI analog output Expansion Board FX1N-1DA-BD User's Manual [Download]
analog control and advanced positioning system. Connected to the CC-Link, including the remote I/O,
MITSUBISHI analog output block FX2NC-4DA User's Manual [Download]
output points: 30 points. Power supply: AC100-
MITSUBISHI analog Input/output Module Q64AD2DA User's Manual [Download]
analog input module. Isolated analog input module Q64AD2DA No external isolation amplifier required.
MITSUBISHI analog Input/output Module A1S66ADA HardwareUser's Manual [Download]
Output points: 16 points. Voltage: DC24/48V A1S66ADA User's Manual. OFF leakage current: 0.1mA. Out
MITSUBISHI analog input/output module A1S63ADA HardwareUser's Manual [Download]
Output form: transistor output, leakage type. Output points: 8 points. OFF leakage current: 0.25mA.
FX3U-4LC MITSUBISHI FX3U-4LC By using the combination of the analog output module, [Supply]
output and Ethernet communication and other built-in features. Applicable to a wide
MITSUBISHI analog input / output adapter FX3U-3A-ADP [Products]
output points: 1 points. Weight: 0.1kg. FX3 series can be connected to the 2
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